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Why is #ElderCare a private issue rather than a public one? @caredocumentary makes this work visible.

1 million new #HomeCare aides will be needed over this next decade. That’s more jobs than in any other sector

Low wages make it difficult to recruit & retain #HomeCare aides needed to meet the rising demand for their labor.

@caredocumentary exposes the deep flaws in the US system’s #HomeCare

@caredocumentary is the 1st feature to take a penetrating look at the expanding world of paid #HomeCare

1 in 4 #HomeCare aides live below the federal poverty level @caredocumentary reveals the deep flaws in the US system

When the economy’s highest-growth jobs pay poverty wages, the future is precarious for all. #HomeCare

@caredocumentary frames the challenges society faces in #HomeCare and a safe, equitable work environment.

@caredocumentary supports the broader mvmnt – a vital tool for conversation at multiple levels home community & policy

Low wages of #HomeCare workers are rooted in racial bias and devaluing “women’s work.”

#HomeCare aides are undervalued and underpaid – earning a median income of $13,000 a year.

BC of poverty level wages more than 1/2 of #HomeCare workers rely on some form of public benefits.

Improving #HomeCare jobs is essential to improving the quality of care.

Poverty wages undermine the quality of #HomeCare.

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