Here are some things you can do to help improve our care system.

Host a Screening

We need a national conversation about how we care in this country. By bringing the film to your community, you are helping to spark thinking and action at the local level.

Join the Movement

Caring Across Generations is building a movement to transform how we care in America. Sign up and stay up to date on what you can do as momentum builds.

What’s Happening In Your State

Policy needs look different depending on where you are. Join advocacy efforts near you.

Protect the Workers Who Care

Sign the Fair Care Pledge

Your home is somebody’s workplace. Help make it a good one!

Join the Fight For 15

and other state initiatives to raise the wage floor.

For Advocates

Help the new Department of Labor home care rules go into effect.

Protect Families, Lend Your Voice

Protect and Expand

Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security

Pathway to Citizenship

Help create change for undocumented workers so that they can help America meet its growing need for care workers.

For Advocates

Download these Consumer Advocacy Resources

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These organizations are at the forefront of the movement to create a stronger, better care system.
Click below to learn more about the issues and get to know them.


Ready to take a deeper dive into the issues? Start here by clicking on a resource below.


The Age of Dignity by Ai-jen Poo
“A big-hearted book that seeks to transform our dismal view of aging and caregiving.” —Ms. Magazine

U.S. Home Care Workers: Key Facts (PHI – 2015)

Preparing for the Elder Boom: A framework for state solutions
(Caring Across Generations – 2017)

Healthy Aging Begins at Home
(Bipartisan Policy Center – 2016)

8 Signs the Shortage in Paid Caregivers Is Getting Worse
(PHI – 2017)